What's New
  • Upload of cheque particular through CINB VISTAAR :For details please click here
  • Disable form based transactions : For details please click here
  • Duplicate Beneficiary reports for Uploaders Now corporate uploader can download the list of duplicate beneficiaries through Reports >> Download Duplicate Beneficiaries link available in CINB uploader interface.
  • SARAL- Change in transaction limit : Consolidated transaction limit for Intra Bank Transactions(other than own accounts) , Fund transfer through NEFT , RTGS/ and GRPT and Merchant Payments has been changed to Rs. 1000000/- for SARAL customers.
  • Report on failed credits: Now corporate regulator can View/ Download report on failed credits with reversal details through Reports > Failed credits link available in CINB regulator interface.
  • Search file status by corporate reference number : For details please click here
  • As per RBI instruction length of UTR number of RTGS transaction has been increased to 22 character.
  • SI facility for SARAL users:
    Now SARAL users can register Standing instruction for funds transfer, third party transactions and inter bank transactions through e-Services >> Standing Instruction link available in CINB Saral Interface.
    Search Beneficiary feature for Corporate Regulator and Administrator:
    Search Beneficiary feature has been introduced under Manage Beneficiaries > Same Bank Beneficiary / Other Bank Beneficiary > View/Delete tab available in CINB Regulator and Administrator Interface.
  • Following new sub tabs are provided in the CINB Payments/Transfers Tab >> Inter Bank Transfer and Third Party Transfer links.
    List of Beneficiaries:
    List of Beneficiaries tab will display all the beneficiaries as was being displayed earlier (prior to 26-02-14).
    Search for Beneficiaries:
    User can search for beneficiaries which are added by other than logged in user (Regulator, Admin , Corpuser and approver under same admin). This is an additional feature to quickly fetch beneficiary details before making a transaction.
  • Now Corporate users can do form based transactions to Beneficiaries added by other users under same Admin. This includes Beneficiaries added through file mode also. For this click on Tab 'Beneficiary added by other users under same Admin' provided in Payment/Transfers page and search by Beneficiary Code/Account Number/ Beneficiary Name.
  • Composite file configuration introduced for beneficiary addition and Deletion. Click here for details.
  • Changes in Admin Interface. Click here for details.
  • Changes in uploader Interface. Click here for details.
  • Changes in Beneficiary File upload. Click here for details.
  • Facility to top up the variants of Prepaid Cards, viz e-Z pay cards, Smart Cards, Imprest Cards, Achiever cards and UAE Express cards, is now available.
  • Vyapaar, Vistaar and Saral customers can now open and manage their Term Deposit Accounts (e-TDR/e-STDR) online. Click here for details.
  • Smart Payout Cards – A type of prepaid card for CINB Users: A general purpose reloadable prepaid card for Corporate Users has been introduced. The Corporate can now top up the cards through CINB interface
  • Corporate Authorizers can now authorize the transactions in their View Inbox by filtering the e-cheques using "Query by Account" and "Query by Ref Number" and in the Bulk Inbox by "Query by Account","Query by Ref Number" and "Query by Uploader".
  • State Bank Collect Payment by Vyapaar and Vistaar Corporates is now available. This was available to Saral users only, but now, Vyapaar and Vistaar users will be able to make payment.
  • Merchant Payments are now easier than ever. In 3 simple steps you can make your payment. Click here for details
    View the list of Merchants available for making online payment
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