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Direct Debit Facility

Direct debit is a facility given to Corporates (Suppliers) having Vistaar facility and supplying goods to their Dealers (Dealers need not be availing INB facility) whereby the Corporate (Supplier) can directly debit the accounts of their dealers maintained at SBI branches at different locations.

In this facility the Supplier and the Bank will enter in to a bipartite agreement, based on which, the Dealer will provide a mandate to the supplier for debiting his account up to a specific limit.

Example: Company 'A' (Supplier) is supplying petrol to his dealer 'B' (Dealer) The conventional method: 'B' approaches his bank and takes a demand draft then fills up the requisition form and sends it to 'A'. 'A' then deposits the DD in his bank and after realization of the DD, supplies petrol.

In respect of "SBI Direct Debit" the flow will be as under:

'B' places the order for petrol; online/over telephone/by fax (Any mode). 'A' raises debit to the Dealer's account through OnlineSBI. Upon confirmation of the credit, 'A' supplies petrol to 'B'. This is also referred to as the 'Pull method of e-collection'.