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Portfolio Investment Scheme

Portfolio Investment SchemeYou don't need to be in India to trade on the Indian stock exchange.

SBI's Portfolio Investment Scheme enables you to buy and sell shares, debentures of Indian companies on the Indian Stock Market. Portfolio Investment Services are offered in select branches of State Bank of India. Select one of these branches to handle your portfolio. The branch will grant you the permission to invest in stock market and all sale / purchase transactions will be routed through this branch. SBI also offers the added convenience of holding and trading in shares online, through its Demat Services.

List of Authorized Branches:

  1. NRI Branch, Mumbai
  2. Sp.PB Branch, Mumbai
  3. NRI Branch, Chandigarh
  4. NRI Branch, Jalandhar
  5. Baroda Main Branch
  6. NRI Branch, New Delhi
  7. PB Branch, New Delhi
  8. NRI Branch, Chennai
  9. Chennai Main Branch
  10. NRI Branch, Kolkata
  11. Kolkata Main Branch
  12. NRI Branch, Kochi
  13. NRI Branch, Trivandrum
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Portfolio Investment Scheme

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