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About Us

Founded over two centuries ago, State Bank of India is the largest banking and financial institution in India. It is the only bank from the Indian subcontinent in the elite group of Fortune 500 companies.

We are the bank of choice for Indians, be they living in Srinagar, Kanyakumari, Ahmedabad or Shillong; and are one of the first Indian banks to become technologically adept. All our branches are fully computerized and over 15,000 branches are on the Core banking platform facilitating anywhere banking.

We have been a pioneer in NRI banking and have a presence in 37 countries across all time-zones. With 199 Foreign Offices and correspondent banking relations with over 300 global banks, we serve the largest number of NRIs. Our remittance products are unique and customized to suit the needs of NRIs wishing to send money home, quickly and safely. With more than 7000 branches handling the NRI business, we will ensure that your money reaches your loved ones well in time for any urgent needs. If you intend to domicile your account or buy a property back home, you're not far from a SBI branch. As NRIs, you can also enjoy Internet banking facilities and operate your accounts across the country under "anywhere - anytime" banking facility, through any of the networked branches / ATMs.

The world is small! While we ensure it remains so, you can reach for the stars!