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Scope of NRI Services at SBI Foreign Offices
Regarding NRE / NRO / FCNR (B) Account Opening
Country / Office Name Attestation of account opening application and KYC documents KYC and acceptance of the application from the customer and forwarding it to branch/LCPC in India Delivery of Internet Banking Pre-printed Kit (INB PPK)*
Australia Yes Yes No
Bahamas Yes Yes No
Bahrain Yes Yes Yes
Bangladesh Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes Yes
Botswana Yes Yes Yes
Canada Yes No No
China Yes Yes Yes
Egypt Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes No
Germany Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes Yes Yes
Indonesia Yes
(Only for SBI Indonesia customers)
No No
Israel Yes Yes No
Italy No No No
Japan No No No
Maldives Yes Yes Yes
Mauritius Yes Yes Yes
Nigeria Yes Yes No
Oman Yes Yes No
Philippines Yes Yes Yes
Qatar (SBI Branch, Doha) No No No
Saudi Arabia No No No
Seoul Yes Yes Yes
Singapore Yes Yes No
South Africa Yes Yes Yes
Sri Lanka Yes Yes Yes
UAE (DIFC) Yes No No
UK Yes
(For KYC compliant SBI UK account holders only)
(For KYC compliant SBI UK account holders only)
(For new applicants only)
USA (California) Yes No No
USA (Chicago) Yes# Yes# No
USA (Los Angeles Agency) No No No
USA (New York) Yes# Yes# No
USA (Washington) Yes# Yes# No
Please Note:-
  • Please check with the respective foreign office, to know about charges applicable (if any) for providing any of the aforesaid services.

  • * It is a preprinted kit in a sealed window envelope. It contains a letter mentioning the Username and Password to login Internet Banking facility. Customer has to logon to Online SBI with the username and the password. The username and password are valid only for the first login. After logging in for the first time, customer must create his own username and password. It can be given over the counter when customer is submitting account opening application, which will be linked to the account once it is opened by the concerned branch/office in India. Existing account holders, who are not availing Internet Banking facility yet can also obtain this kit and activate their internet banking access.

  • # On Non-Solicitation basis, subject to customer signing Non-Solicitation Declaration.