Top Up SBI Debit cum Transit Card for BMRCL - FAQ  

1. What is a Smart Card?

  • A Smart Card is any pocket-sized card with embedded chip. The card is made of plastic. The dimensions of a smart card are similar to those of credit card. It contains a tamper-resistant security system (for example a secure crypto processor and a secure file system) and provides security services (e.g., protects in-memory information)....
  • It is managed by an administration system which securely interchanges information and configuration settings with the card, controlling card blacklisting and application-data updates.
  • It communicates with external services via card-reading devices, such as ticket readers, ATMs, etc.

2. What is State Bank of India's SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card?

SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card is a Contactless Smart Card which will enable the customer to use it in all ATMs to withdraw cash, use for Point of Sale transactions at Retail outlets, apart from using it as a Transit Card in Namma Metro.

3. Who can get SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card?

Any individual having a Savings Bank Account or Current Account with State Bank of India can get SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card.

4. Where can I use the SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card?

SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card can be used at Bangalore's Namma Metro for payment of Fare for commuting, apart from using as a Debit Card at ATMs for withdrawal of cash, and at retail outlets for payment of goods and services.

5. How can I travel in Namma Metro using SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card?

SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card is a Contactless Smart Card which can store money value in the chip embedded into it. Automatic Gates at Namma Metro stations will read the smart card and determine the distance you travelled by recording the entry into and exit out of the stations. Based on the distance travelled, actual fare amount for the distance you travelled is reduced from the money value in the chip. Thus you can perform multiple journeys in Namma Metro.


6. How can I top up or recharge the money into the chip?

You can top up or recharge the money into the chip by using the following channels: ...

  • Cash payments at Bangalore Metro Station counters
  • ATMs
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Auto Top up by giving a mandate to the Bank.

7. How to top up SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card through Internet Banking of SBI?

Please follow the below mentioned steps to top up your SBI Debit-cum-Transit Card after logging into ...

  • Click the "Payments /Transfers" tab. You are displayed the Payments and Transfers Landing page with hyperlinks to the services offered by the bank.
  • Click the "Top up BMRCL Card" link. You are displayed the Top up BMRCL Card Page with two tabs Top up and History. The Top up tab is enabled by default with the "Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation" option label.
  • Click "Go". You are displayed a form to select the debit account for the transaction and enter the card number, and recharge amount.
  • Select the account; enter the Metro Rail Card Number, recharge amount and Remarks for the transaction.
  • Click "Submit". You are displayed an intermediate page with the debit account number, card number, recharge amount and remarks.
  • Verify the details and click "Confirm". You will receive a One Time SMS password on your registered mobile number to confirm the transaction.
  • Enter the SMS password to confirm the transaction. You are displayed a confirmation page with the transaction details and a link to print the e-receipt for the top up.

8. What is the minimum and maximum amount per transaction that can be topped up / recharged into the chip?

The minimum amount that can be topped up / recharged is Rs 100/- with multiples of Rs 50/- and the maximum amount is Rs 1000/- per transaction.

9. How and where will the amount be topped up / recharged into the chip?

Once your account is debited with the amount you have topped up / recharged, a successful message will be sent to BMRCL for topping up the currency value on to the chip. The next time you visit the Namma Metro station and present your card to the Automatic Gates, the amount will be added to the chip.

10. What will happen if my account is debited for the top up amount and I do not visit Metro station for a long time?

If you do not present the card at the Automatic Gate at the Namma Metro station within 60 days from the date on which your account was debited, then the amount will be re-credited to your account.

11. What will happen to the money value in the chip if I have lost the card?

If you happen to lose the card, you have to immediately notify to the Bank and BMRCL about the same. The Bank and BMRCL will arrange to block the card to prevent fraudulent usage by unscrupulous person. However, the Bank or BMRCL will not be responsible for the loss of money from the time the card was lost till such time the card is blocked. Once the card is blocked at both Bank and BMRCL, then your money is safe. You can obtain replacement card from the Bank and visit the Metro station and request for transfer of money to the chip in the new card.