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Important Alert Message for Customers

Recently an attempt was made to steal usernames/passwords of users by setting up a fake website which looks similar to SBI’s site. Emails were sent at random asking recipients to upgrade their account status by logging in to the fake OnlineSBI website. This fraud method is technically termed as phishing.

Do not respond or act on the instructions in this or similar email messages. SBI does not send such mails.

On discovery, prompt action was taken by the Bank and the phishing site has been blocked.

  1. Measures to protect from phishing attacks have been already displayed at website. Please protect yourself from phishing attacks. Please access website only after inputting the address “” each time in the address bar of the web browser.

  2. Please never access by clicking on a hyperlink provided on any email received by you.

  3. In case you accidentally fall prey, please login to and change the login password.

  4. Report phishing to


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