State Bank mCASH is a simple and quick way to claim funds.

State Bank mCASH is a simple and quick way to claim funds sent by State Bank of India customers through OnlineSBI or State Bank Anywhere. Any SBI customer having Internet Banking facility can now transfer funds to a third party without beneficiary registration, either through mobile number or email-ID of the beneficiary.

At the other end, the beneficiary with account of any Bank, can claim the fund either through State Bank mCASH Mobile App or mCASH link available on OnlineSBI. The recipient will receive a link in the SMS or email and 8 digit passcode based on the medium chosen by the sender.

Beneficiary is required to enter the Account Number, IFS Code, and Passcode, Mobile number or Email address. After due validations, “Real Time” funds would be transferred to desired account.

State Bank mCASH app has two options as; “Claim: and “Favourites”. In “Favourites” section, customers can store account number and IFSC code (maximum 5 accounts) for future claims.

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Simple and Quick way to claim funds using mobile number or e-mail id sent by SBI customers through Internet Banking or State Bank Anywhere mobile application.

  • Download the SBI mCash Application from Google play store
  • Register a MPIN for log in.
  • Using the registered MPIN customer can now to login into the SBI mCash app.
  • Claim fund sent by State Bank customer using Passcode
  • Transfer claimed funds to your account maintained at any bank
  • Customer can set account number and IFSC code as favorites for future claims.
I have a Dual SIM phone. Whenever, I try to login to State Bank Anywhere, I get an error “Unable to connect... Please check your device network connectivity...”
  • Kindly ensure you have working network connectivity in either of the dual SIMs
  • Ensure that your primary SIM (1st SIM) is enabled for network connectivity (2G or 3G). In case, it is not, kindly swap the SIMs and try logging into the application
Application gives an error “Invalid Username and Password”
  • Ensure you have an active SBI retail Internet banking username/User ID and password
  • The application is currently available for State Bank of India retail internet banking customers only
  • While Typing username and password, kindly do not use “auto-fill” or “auto-show” option. Type them manually
  • First time SBI retail internet banking users are required to login into for the first time and create their Profile there. Once, profile is created, they would be able to login into State Bank Anywhere, thereafter
Application Unable to download. Error - 491
  • Kindly Go to Settings on your phone >> Accounts
  • Delete the Google Account
  • Restart your device
  • Add the Google Account back

After successful completion of the above, launch the application again and login

For further queries, user may raise his/her concern in respective app store or mail to