What details do I need to provide to register?  Name (e.g. Prakash Sharma)
 Mailing Address (e.g. 212 B Nutan Apartments Link Road)
 City and Pin Code (e.g. Mumbai - 400 058)
 Contribution Scheme - (e.g. Education/ Healthcare/ Support)
  What kind of donations can I make to CRY? You may select any of the options provided (Education/ Healthcare/ Support) and make a donation.
  When will my donation reach CRY? Your donation will reach CRY within 2 working days after you have made the payment.
  Will I get a receipt for the donations made to CRY? Yes. After your payment is processed, CRY will send you the receipt by post at the address specified by you for your contribution and also send you the Tax Exemption certificate.
  Will I be entitled to tax exemption even if I donate to CRY via the Internet?   Yes

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