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Features supporting Safe Online Banking

OnlineSBH provides several inbuilt features for safe and secure banking. You can use the security options in the profile tab to:

  • Customise your Personal Profile
    You can set your display name, mobile number and email ID in your personal profile. The display name is used in the Welcome message.
  • Manage Third Party
    You can define your own trusted third parties to whom you wish to transfer funds. You can also add, delete or modify your list of trusted third parties.
  • Define Limits
    You can set limits for demand draft and third party transfers, in the profile section. It is advisable to set a lower limit. You can enhance the limit as and when required.
  • Enable High Security
    SMS based high security is an additional layer of security provided for your transactions. It is recommended that you enable this feature, in the profile section. Whenever you transfer funds to own or third party accounts, issue a demand draft or credit funds to a PPF account you will receive a high security password by SMS. You need to use this password to complete the transaction.