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Generate State Bank Secure Activation Code - FAQ

  1. What is State Bank Secure (Software Token)?

    State Bank Secure (Software token) is a mobile resident application which generates the one time password (OTP) in lieu of SMS OTP, for authenticating transactions in OnlineSBI.

  2. How is it secure and convenient for a customer?

    The mobile resident application "State Bank Secure" is PIN protected on your hand set / device to prevent its misuse by unauthorized person. It generates OTP instantaneously and eliminates the need for SMS OTP. The "State Bank Secure" functions independent of the mobile network, hence change of your mobile number / service provider will not affect your online transactions. However, it is advisable to get your latest mobile number registered at your branch for receiving SMS alerts relating to your account(s).

  3. What is the procedure for obtaining State Bank Secure?

    After logging on to 'OnlineSBI', in the Profile section under State Bank Secure, you will find a link "Apply for State Bank Secure". Click on that link which will generate a reference number and a form which needs to be submitted to your branch. Branch will approve your request if in order and will provide you a Pre-printed kit or you will receive the password kit through post.

  4. What is the use of Pre-printed kit / password kit for State Bank Secure?

    Once you receive the Pre-printed kit / Password kit, you will have to enter the kit credentials on "State Bank Secure" link under Profile section of OnlineSBI. You will have to enter pre-printed kit number (for Pre-printed kit) or Airway bill number (for password kit through post) and the password provided on the kit (Please ignore the username mentioned in pre-printed kit). After validation by the system, you will be shown serial number and activation code for activating your software token. It is advisable to download and install State Bank Secure on your hand set / device beforehand for immediate activation by inputting the serial number and activation code in the application. Else, you can jot down the serial number and activation code and use these after downloading State Bank Secure on your hand set / device.

  5. I have already installed and activated it. How will I get the device code?

    When you activate the State Bank Secure by inputting serial number and activation code, you will immediately get the screen in your hand set / device showing device code, which needs to be entered in OnlineSBI during first time activation process.

  6. What if I do not enter my device code after activation of my State Bank Secure?

    If you have activated your State Bank secure on your hand set / device using serial number and activation code but you have not entered device code and OTP generated through State Bank Secure in OnlineSBI, you can not use State Bank Secure for any transaction authentication. Please note that you will have to complete the registration process for using State Bank Secure. Please do not share your serial number and device code with any body.

  7. What if I lose my mobile hand set / device or it is stolen?

    While your "State Bank Secure" is PIN protected, in case of loss of the device, you should immediately block the State Bank Secure through "Block Token" tab under "State Bank Secure" link in the Profile section of OnlineSBI. Please note that unblocking of State Bank Secure will be possible through your Branch only.

  8. Do I need to enter OTP generated through "State Bank Secure" while making transactions?

    Yes. Wherever the OTP is required for authentication of online transactions / operations in OnlineSBI, you will have to generate the OTP from "State Bank Secure".

  9. What if I have forgotten my PIN for State Bank Secure or my State Bank secure is locked owing to repeated use of incorrect PIN?

    No worry. Go to "Reactivate Token" under "State Bank Secure" in profile section. Your "State Bank Secure" serial number will be shown here. Select the serial number and confirm it. You will be shown Serial number, Activation code and Reactivation password on the screen which you have to enter in your State Bank Secure application along with your newly created PIN in the menu option "Reactivation". The reactivation link is under 'Settings' of State Bank Secure. Immediately after entering the details shown on the screen, your State Bank Secure will be reactivated.

  10. What precautions I have to take during State Bank Secure activation and usage.

    Your State Bank Secure is very safe. However, DO NOT share the OTP generated through State Bank Secure with any body. Similarly during activation, DO NOT share Pre-printed kit / password kit details with any body.

  11. Can I note down my Serial number and Activation code for activating the State Bank secure on another device?

    There is no need to note down the serial number and activation code. Though State Bank secure can be activated on another device with the serial number and activation code provided to you but the OTP generated by that device will not be validated in our system. In other words, the combination of Serial number and Activation code, is for one time use only.

  12. Can I use start using SMS based OTP automatically if I blocked my "State Bank Secure" through "Block Token" tab.

    No. You will have to raise a request for using SMS OTP through the link provided under State Bank Secure and approach your home branch for approval. Only after approval of request by Branch, you can start using SMS OTP.

  13. I want to switch to SMS OTP for my transaction authentication?

    You can switch from Software Token "State Bank Secure" to SMS OTP in real time. Go to "Toggle between SMS OTP and S/w token". Here you will have to enter the OTP generated from State Bank Secure if you want to switch from State Bank Secure to SMS OTP and you will have to enter the SMS OTP if you want to switch from SMS OTP to State Bank Secure. Remember, if you do not have access to your State Bank Secure while toggling from State Bank Secure to SMS OTP or you do not have access to SMS OTP while toggling from SMS OTP to State Bank Secure, you will have submit your request for change of option to your home branch for approval.

    Security Tip: Do not share OTP generated through "State Bank Secure" or SMS OTP with anybody.

  14. Can I configure the "State Bank Secure" on multiple mobile / devices?

    Yes, up to two at any point in time, but you have to apply for and obtain two 'State Bank Secure' tokens from your branch. The branch will issue two Pre-printed kits or password kits for activation each 'State Bank Secure' separately.

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